Water Filter - Undercounter: Pure Effect Filter
This is the best undercounter filter! They also have filters ideal for well water, and sell countertop filters too. These filter water as well as typical reverse osmosis (RO) systems do, but without removing healthful minerals like RO systems. It’s always recommended to test your water with Tap Score before purchasing any water filter, to ensure you identify areas of concern in your individual water.

Water Filter - Countertop: Berkey
This is the best countertop filter. Ideal for renters, or those who don’t want to install an under-sink filter. It doesn’t strip all minerals (like reverse osmosis) but it removes many toxins of concern.
If you have fluoride in your water, purchase the additional fluoride filters. Test your water with
Tap Score to identify the areas of concern.

Water Testing: Tap Score
While your local water quality report plus EWG’s water database is a good start, I always recommended you test your water to ensure you identify areas of concern in your individual water. Tap Score provides you information about your contaminants and where they fall in ranges directly related to health effects, in contrast to the EPA’s acceptable toxin levels.

Personal care: Beautycounter
EWG-verified line of makeup, skin care, bath products, sunscreen, and kids’ skin care. All products are rated 3 or less on EWG’s Skin Deep database. A personal obsession of mine.

Gardening: Tower Gardens
The most unbelievably easy way to grow your own vegetables. A true game-changer!

Coffee: Bulletproof Coffee
I prefer this coffee to others because it’s tested for mold and toxins. Read more about this here:

Healthy Fats: MCT Oil - Bulletproof
I prefer this MCT Oil because it is made from coconut, not palm. Almost every other MCT oil out there is made from palm. If it doesn’t explicitly say coconut, it’s not.

Protein Powder: Collagen Powder - Vital Proteins
This is my go-to protein powder for adding to smoothies and coffees. Made from grass-fed cows, it’s virtually tasteless.

Air Filters: Air Filter - Austin
The recommended filter of choice by many functional medicine doctors who specialize in mold issues, like Dr. Jill Carnahan.


Functional Medicine: Origins Functional Medicine, Longwood

Wellness Center and HRT: Dr. Phillips Center for Wellness, Lake Mary

Chiropractic care: North Orlando Spine Center, Longwood

Pediatrics: Cannizzaro Integrative Pediatric Center, Longwood

Mold and air quality testing: House Doctor Pomales

Healing massage (myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, lymphatic drainage): Healing Kneads Massage


Wild Hare Kitchen and Farm Market, Longwood
Wonderful small local farm market that carries organic locally-grown vegetables, freshly-prepared foods, fresh bone broth, grass-fed bones for making broth, organ meats, kombucha, pastured eggs, and more.

The Salt Room, Orlando
My go-to drug free cure for respiratory illnesses and skin issues.