Areas of focus:

~ Gut Health ~ Migraines ~ Fatigue ~ Inflammation & Pain ~ Autoimmune Disorders ~ Detoxification ~ Sugar Cravings ~ Weight Loss ~ Meal Planning ~ Hormone Balancing ~ Infertility ~ Stress Management ~ Improved Sleep ~

Free 20 minute phone consultations

Click here to schedule a free phone consult to discuss what’s going on with you and answer any questions you may have.

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Individualized Nutrition Counseling

In these visits, we’ll be able to address various nutrition goals and lifestyle goals. From basic weight loss goals to the more varied lifestyle goals, I can work with you to accomplish whatever health goals you have. Common areas of focus include: the healthiest diet for your individual body, increasing your energy levels, stress management techniques, avoiding overeating, cutting back on problematic foods (like sugar), increasing daily water intake, tips to get better sleep, reducing toxin exposure, and achieving balance in life.

Initial visit: $150 for one 90 minute visit
Follow up visit: $100 for one 50 minute visit

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Nutrition & Health Coaching Packages

Most clients will need anywhere from 3 - 6 visits in order to have enough time to identify goals, delve into health history, create targeted recommendations, and follow up on results. Purchasing a package reduces total visit costs, and comes with significant supplement cost savings as well.

Cost: $300 for 1 initial and 2 follow up appointments.
Package savings: $50 savings ($350 value)
Supplements: 15% discount (orders placed on

Cost: $375 for 1 initial and 3 follow up appointments.
Package savings: $75 savings ($450 value)
Supplements: 25% discount (orders placed on
Access to lending library

Cost: $525 for 1 initial and 5 follow up appointments.
Package savings: $125 savings ($650 value)
Supplements: 35% discount (orders placed on
Full access to lending library
Unlimited text messaging

Dried pasta & utensils on pantry shelves

Pantry Overhauls

Ever wondered what are the easiest ways to make changes in your regular household routine? Want tips for simple and yummy ingredient swaps and recipe options? For this service, I’ll come to your house and work with you to overhaul the contents of your pantry and provide you with customized options to improve the health of your entire household.

Cost: $100 for up to 75 minutes (extra travel charges may apply for extended distances)

Assorted Veggies in Crates at Market

Grocery Shopping Tours

During this service, I will accompany you to the grocery store of your choice for a shopping trip. Bring your grocery list, and together you’ll walk the aisles to discuss healthier options for common food choices. I will also provide you with handouts and educational information to take home with you. Just one single trip could have a huge impact on the way you feed your family for life!

Cost: $100 for up to 75 minutes (extra travel charges may apply for extended distances)

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Group Education Classes

Have a group of friends or coworkers who all want to know more about a specific subject and are tired of trying to make sense of “Dr. Google”? I would love to come to you and discuss any nutrition or health-related topic you want. Popular topics include: 

  • Simple ways to increase your energy

  • Detoxifying the body

  • Meal planning

  • Lose weight without cutting calories

  • Tips for getting kids to eat better

  • Why “diets” aren’t the answer

  • Tips for eating out without overeating

  • Cutting out sugar and carb cravings

  • How to drink more water and cut the other stuff

  • The importance of gut health

  • Getting a better night’s sleep

  • Stress management techniques

  • The importance of self-care routines

  • Decreasing your exposure to toxins in the home

  • Increasing vegetable intake / gardening at home

    Cost: $25 per person for a 1-hour session (3 person minimum)