I'd love to meet you!

HI there and thanks for joining me! First and foremost… people are always asking me how to pronounce my tricky last name. It's pronounced like the girl's first name, "Gia". I'll be posting an introductory video to tell you some more about myself as well, including my educational background and career, so on this blog I'll just tell you what to expect in future blogs. Plan on lots of nutrition and lifestyle info, some personal info, and links to interesting articles written by others.

My personal passion is nutrition and lifestyle info, because I often get asked the same questions over and over again, and then I think to myself "I should just write this info up". The most common questions I hear are things like "Should I do the Keto diet?", "What is intermittent fasting all about?", "Should I be using CBD oil?", "What are the best supplements to buy?", "Do you believe in the blood type diet?", "Is grass fed meat really important?", "What is the best kind of water to drink?", and many, many more. These are the kinds of topics I'll mostly plan to cover in my blogs, so I hope they're issues that are of interest to you, and I sincerely hope you'll check back in regularly!

You can always email me to ask specific questions or to request a specific blog post, or comment below with requests too.

~Cheers to your best health~